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The bio plantation

THE “QUEEN’s Plantation”: Culture and organic beekeeping

Our organic farm in an environment has always been considered as unfit to any culture, is a popular visitor curiosity.

The originally planted fruit trees grew along with the construction of the hotel Relais de la Reine, and now hundreds of species in the European time (apple, peach, plum, fig … ) and tropical (coffee, mango, avocado, litchi, banana …) as well as several varieties of citrus orchard annually provide a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit.

A rice field even born three years ago, recently followed a vegetable that provides hotel grown using artisanal and organic vegetables rules.

Several beehives are installed in our orchard to supply our restaurant honey and pollinate our fruit trees.

An experimental jatropha plantation is in progress, and the oil extracted from seeds harvested from our plantation will provide “green” fuel for our generators.